Our Philosophy

Voyage-Kayak is not your classical travel agency proposing a multitude of activities, instead we specialise in sea kayaking and we are registered as a member of the french tour operators association.

All our trips are prepared and organised by a sea kayak instructor who is passionate about this activity.

Therefore we can guarantee a quality holiday, with professional supervision and adapted equipment.





Our philosophy is to offer holidays at the best price, whilst travelling through nature, far away from hustle and bustle of busy life, leading to the discovery of exceptional places.

Voyage-Kayak proposes to take you on a sea kayaking adventure through supervised trips organised by French sea kayak monitors qualified with the French diploma .

The kayak trips that we organise are made up of small groups from 4 to 8 people.

Our nature trips are constructed around the kayak, which is the main component and the essence in itself.


Sea kayaking allows us to discover local culture in a rich natural environment, to let you navigate away for long peaceful moments.

The kayak is our mode of transport for these water adventures, during the trips the meals are prepared by the guide, but of course your participation is always welcome!

We navigate for approximately 4 to 6 hours a day, which leaves you plenty of time for swimming, hiking, snorkelling, fishing and sunbathing!

It is easy to move at 5 km / h in a sea kayak, and therefore we can cover some good distances a little like hiking.

As a result sea kayaking allows us to access many far-flung and undiscovered places.

Sea kayaking is a very accessible activity. It is enough just to know how to swim, and to enjoy sports! On an effort level it is the equivalent of walking a hilly terrain.. On a technical level, you just need to learn how to use the paddle and the rudder, for which relevant instruction is given.

Therefore a holiday on water is not that complicated,which makes some of our trips accessible to beginners.

However, the security measures at sea, knowledge of the natural environment and weather conditions, do require many years of experience. This is not a problem as an experienced and qualified monitor will accompany and guide you throughout your trip. He will also pass on his extensive knowledge of your chosen destination.










The sea kayaks that we use are very stable and comfortable, which allows us to take all necessary equipment with us. 

After several hours you will be familiar with our crafts, and maybe it will be the same as for the Eskimos, and it will become a simple prolongation of your body…

For our trips, we provide top of the range equipment. We use folding kayaks (from Trak kayaks and Nautiraid) which are known for their stability and comfort. These kayaks have proved themselves on the world’s seas and have an excellent loading capacity which lets us travel in complete autonomy for several days. These kayaks are transportable by air which lets us travel to undiscovered places and not rely on the locals to hire boats. We also provide bivouac equipment (tent or hammock depending on the destination), as well as waterproof bags and specific equipment (paddle, spraydeck, life jacket..).