Our Philosophy

Sea Kayaking Adventure Travel Agency

We are dedicated exclusively to sea kayaking trips and are registered as travel and tour operators with Atout France, like any reputable travel agency in France.

Each of our journeys is meticulously prepared and organized by a passionate sea kayaking instructor, ensuring high-quality experiences with professional guidance and suitable equipment.

Voyage-Kayak’s philosophy revolves around offering nature-focused trips, away from crowds, exploring exceptional sites.

Voyage-Kayak offers sea kayaking trips led and organized by a French state-certified sea kayaking instructor.

Our “nature” trips are designed for small groups of 4 to 8 people, centered around kayaking as the main component and essence of the experience.

Sea kayaking allows us to explore local culture and rich natural environments, creating unforgettable moments. During our itinerant journeys, meals are prepared by the guide, but your participation is always welcome. With an average of 4 to 5 hours of paddling per day, we have time for swimming, walks, snorkeling, fishing, and of course, relaxation in the sun.

Navigating at a speed of 5 km/h in a kayak allows us to cover considerable distances, providing access to unusual and lesser-known places.

Sea kayaking is an accessible activity. All you need is the ability to swim and moderate physical fitness. The effort required is comparable to walking in hilly terrain, and learning to use the paddle and rudder is relatively simple. Traveling on water is not as complex as one might think, making some of our trips suitable for beginners.

However, in-depth knowledge of sea safety techniques, meteorology, and the natural environment requires many years of experience and strong skills.

Rest assured, an experienced and qualified instructor will accompany and guide you throughout the journey, sharing knowledge along the way.


The double and single sea kayaks we use are stable and comfortable, easily accommodating all necessary equipment. After a few hours, you will become familiar with your kayak, making it a natural extension of your body, much like the Eskimos.

For our trips, we provide high-quality equipment, including folding kayaks from TRAK Kayaks, offering sensations similar to those of fiberglass kayaks. We also use Nautiraid kayaks, known for their stability and comfort. These vessels, tested on all oceans, have a large loading capacity, allowing us to be self-sufficient for several days. Moreover, their air transport opens the door to sometimes unprecedented destinations without the need to rent local boats. We also provide bivouac equipment (tent or hammock with mosquito net depending on the destination), as well as waterproof bags and specific gear (carbon or fiberglass paddle, spray skirt, life jacket, etc.).


For trips in France, we offer our own carefully selected fleet of kayaks to ensure an exceptional experience. Single polyethylene (PE) kayaks include models such as Ysak from Dag Kayak and Reval (LV and HV) from Zegul, offering diversity to accommodate various preferences and sizes. For performance enthusiasts, we also offer high-quality carbon kayaks from Zegul. Tandem kayaks are represented by the Biwok model from Dag Kayak, known for its comfort and stability.

Regarding paddles, we have selected models from Werner Paddles, featuring carbon handles available in ergonomic or straight versions. For an alternative approach, we also offer carbon Greenland paddles, adding an authentic touch to your kayaking experience. Our commitment to the quality and diversity of our fleet aims to meet the needs of each participant and ensure complete immersion in the joy of kayaking.