Indonesia-Papua-Raja Ampat

A 17-day trip including 11 days of sea kayaking in one of the places where marine biodiversity is the richest. In the heart of the Coral Triangle, the Raja Ampat archipelago is a true paradise for kayaker. An incredible itinerary that will make you discover the many treasures of this archipelago of West Papua.
A journey to the end of the world…

  The Indonesian archipelago of Raja Ampat is located near the northwest coast of New Guinea. It is made up of 1500 islands, often mountainous offering a very carved coast perfect for the kayaker.
    Because of its geographical location and isolation, Raja Ampat has maintained exceptional biodiversity and mass tourism has not yet arrived in the region.

    We offer you a journey of exploration in this very remote place in small group of 6 people maximum. Sea kayaks allow us to access particularly wild places away from any classic tourism.

    During the trip you are supervised by a state-certified sea Kayak instructor as well as a Papuan kayak guide who knows the area perfectly.

    You will paddle between karstic islets with impressive cliffs, across the mangrove, over the Manta Ray cleaning station, in jungle landscapes amidst lush nature. During this journey you will discover places seldom trodden by Westerners.
    During our sailings we will of course enjoy the underwater world, so do not forget your fins, your mask and your snorkel as many opportunities to snorkel are offered to us.
Accommodation is in bed and breakfast and in Bivouac.
We live directly in the home, the comfort is basic, but the most important is there: fresh water to wash, a clean mattress as well as a good mosquito net. And all of this, obviously in a dream setting!

We work on the spot in partnership with an Indonesian association that parallels Sea kayaking and environmental protection by allowing local people to earn a significant income through sea kayaking. The kayaks are therefore made locally from the mussels of boats from South Africa, they are of excellent quality and allow the local population to earn income from the rentals. The guest rooms are also managed by local people. These various financial contributions allow the various villages to finance schools, medical clinics and environmental awareness-raising operations. Sea Kayaking thus allows a “development” in harmony with nature.

A large part of the price of your stay therefore goes directly to the local people but also to the “Raja Ampat Research and Conservation Centre” (RARCC), an association which militates in the preservation of this epicenter of global biodiversity. The RARCC commits local indigenous communities to the deployment of autonomous financial projects and the creation of small businesses that stimulate the conservation and protection of the Raja Ampat archipelago, as well as present and future generations.
Your trip here, therefore has a real impact in the sustainable development of this region of the globe.

Travel Program: 

Day 1: Departure from France, you will find the guide at the airport.

Day 2: Arrival in Jakarta, flight to Sorong at the end of the evening.

Day 3: Arrival at Sorong early in the morning, we join the port to take the boat that takes us to Waigeo. Transfer to the island of Kri, transfer to the hotel Mando’s Guest House, rest.

Day 4: Departure by kayak from Kri, we make our first crossing to reach the island of Waigeo. Then let’s explore the “Blue water Mangrove” an incredible place where corals live in symbiosis with the mangrove forest. A unique place that few people manage to explore. Night on a beautiful beach at the Guest House in Tauyado. 


Day 5: We along the south coast of the island of Gam. Over the course of our day we discover several fishing villages and we leave the opportunity to enjoy the seabed before arriving at Beser Bay where we discover an area composed of numerous coves, caves, tunnels and numerous islets. A new perspective on the incredible landscapes of Raja Ampat. Night at Beser Bay home Stay 

Day 6: In the early morning we leave Beser Bay to set sail for Manta Sandy. In the middle of the sea, the currents have a lot of plankton and therefore manta rays. After a snorkeling to observe these wonderful animals we set course on the atoll of Airborek to spend the night in the village of this little island

Day 7: After a beautiful sunrise from the atoll of Airborek, we set the course on Tanjung Putus and then we give a break in a superb snorkeling site located on a small island. We continue on our way to the north and set up camp on a deserted beach on the west coast of Gam for a superb sunset. Night in a hammock.

Day 8: After a morning departure, we continue towards the north and explore “Hidden Bay”, this incredible completely hidden bay that is accessed by a very thin sea-arm. We then continue to the east of GAM and take the time to enjoy “The Passage”, this thin arm of the sea which connects the island of Gam and Waigeo, and which allows access to the immense bay of Kaboei. The current can be strong here and we organize the passage according to the tide. We arrive under the sunset at the Auberge de Warikaf to spend the night.


Day 9: Departure from the guesthouse and we take the north heading under the birdsong. A maze of islands and islets are offered to us, caves, tunnels, limestone cliffs… We arrive at the end of the day at Yeyef to spend the night

Day 10: This day is devoted to the exploration of the north of the Bay of Kaboei which is a veritable labyrinth.  At the corner of the islets we cross cave paintings but also millennial burials nestled a few meters above the water.  Then we go back to explore the Kali Gaja River and its mangrove. Then we return to Yeyef to spend the night

Day 11: In the early morning, we set heading towards the south of the Bay of Kaboei. A navigation between limestone cliffs and primary forests awaits us before joining the small village of Saproken where we spend the night at Mando.

Day 12: We leave Mando’s Guest House and set off on Uri Island for a small snorkeling session before slaloming in the island mazes of “Mushroom Islands”. We then join Gam Island and spend the night at Yenanas.


Day 13: After breakfast, we engouffrons in a river and go up its course a few kilometers by sinking in the mangrove then we take the direction of the islands of Friwen and Friwen Bonda, 2 small islands paradise with a beautiful reef Suitable for snorkeling. The site is really exceptional and very famous for diving with very beautiful drop-offs. We then continue in the direction of Chez Tauyado to spend the night

Day 14: In the early morning, we give ourselves a little time to explore the surroundings before crossing towards the island of Kri. We explore the islets of the eastern tip of the island, enjoy nice snorkeling spots before joining the starting point of our adventure. Overnight at the hotel on Kri


Day 15: morning of rest and return in Ferrry to Sorong in the beginning after noon. Transfer to the hotel and then visit the city. 

Day 16: After a night at the hotel, flight to Jakarta at the end of the morning, then flight to France at night or in the early morning

Day 17: Arrival in France

NB: Depending on your flight back in the case of a return flight France Day 17, it is possible to sleep at the hotel located in the terminal of the airport.


For the bivouacs, as usual in the tropics, we use hammocks with integrated mosquito nets. This allows us to sleep cool by enjoying the night breezes while being out of touch with the ground. We stretch tarps above the hammocks to be safe from the rain. But, if you prefer to sleep under tent, no problem, specify when booking

Rate per person:
  3500 euros
All inclusive

+ between 700 and 900 euros of airfare

or 4300 euros all inclusive

Next Trips:

 from March 15th to 31th , 2024

from November 15th to 31th , 2024

Included in the rate: 

-The loan of kayaks and equipment specific to the activity (paddle, life jacket, waterproof bag, hammock with mosquito net, gas stove, individual meals…)
-supervision by a French instructor full certificated and a local guide.
-Accommodation in bed and breakfast during the stay and Hotel 3 * in Sorong
-Meals while roaming in kayak (from J3 evening to J15 Noon)
-Ferry Transfers (Sorong-Waigeo A/R)

Not included in the rate:

-Air Transport France/Sorong (but we give you the references of the different flights to be booked, count between 700 and 900 euros)
-Fees and fees for admission to Raja Ampat (National Park) approximately 60 euros
 -Tips and drinks
-Meals in the city and in the airports
Anything not stipulated as “included in this tariff”

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