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We offer a wide range of tailor-made destinations to meet all your needs.

We are also open to new projects and ideas which do not appear in this rubrique.











So if Patagonia, Greenland, Raja Ampat in Papua New Guinea, the Halong Bay in Vietnam, Lake Titicaca in Bolivia or Lake Baikal in Russia or any other destination take your fancy, we can make your dream holiday happen..

Don’t hesitate in contacting us

Our experience and our sea kayaks from Trak Kayaks allow us to navigate in complete safety to far corners of the world. ..even if there is no kayak on the spot!


The sea kayaks that we use on some trips are folding kayaks, fabricated in France by Nautiraid. But we use also the last model of performance folding kayak: the Trak Seeker

They allow us to take you to places where equipment or local service providers are often inexistent,therefore we are the only ones to propose certain destinations.






These kayaks are very stable and comfortable, and have proved themselves to be extremely adaptable whilst roaming the world’s seas. The boats we provide are easily transportable in 1 or 2 bags as they can travel by plane, train or bus like normal baggage.

So, if you are dreaming about going to a place not mentioned in our “classic” trips and you can make up a group of 2 to 8 people  we will put all our experience and equipment at your disposition this allowing you to realise “your holiday”.

Therefore there are no limits to your kayak dreams!

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