Sea kayak trips Map

Find here the map of our sea kayaking travel destinations,

offering multiple diverse and customizable options to meet your specific expectations.

We are also open to all projects and desires that may not appear on this map because your ideal journey might be far beyond the drawn borders.

Whether you’ve always dreamed of discovering the majestic Patagonia, the vast expanses of Greenland, the underwater wonders of Raja Ampat in Western Papua, the enchanting karst formations of Halong Bay, the sacred waters of Lake Titicaca, the icy landscapes of Lake Baikal, or any other destination that captivates your imagination, we are here to turn your dreams into reality.


In some destinations where local equipment is unavailable, we have a solution.

Our high-performance folding sea kayaks, such as the single-seaters from the Canadian brand TRAK Kayaks and the two-seaters made in France by Nautiraid, can be transported by plane.

This unique feature empowers us to transport you to remote destinations, where local providers and equipment are non-existent, establishing us as the exclusive facilitators for certain extraordinary locations.

Renowned for their stability and comfort, these kayaks have earned their stripes globally, making them ideal for itinerant journeys. The foldable design provides unparalleled flexibility in transportation, enabling them to be conveniently carried by plane, train, or bus as standard luggage. Embark on a seamless exploration, confident in our ability to offer unparalleled access to remarkable destinations.

So, if you dream of exploring a specific place that is not among our “classics,” and you can gather a group of 2 to 6 people, we provide our experience and equipment at your disposal.

We offer you the opportunity to realize “Your Journey,” eliminating all limits in bringing your kayaking dreams to life. Your personalized adventure awaits, ready to be shaped according to your wishes, with our commitment to providing you with an exceptional experience.

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