Sea kayak trips and expeditions in France and all over the world

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Voyage Kayak, your specialized agency for sea kayaking adventures across the globe, from the stunning landscapes of France to remote corners of the world.

Explore the untouched beauty of deserted jungle islands and the tranquility of Musandam’s fjords. Allow yourself to unwind in the unique accommodations aboard a catamaran, whether it be in Corsica, Sardinia, or the enchanting islands of Port Cros and Porquerolles in the south of France. Delight in navigating the crystal-clear waters of the Cyclades in Greece, where the allure of ancient history and breathtaking landscapes converge.

Experience the magic of the midnight sun beyond 70° North, creating unforgettable moments in your sea kayaking journey. Paddle through the historic canals of Venice, the Serenissima, and embrace the unique charm of this iconic city.

Venture to the remote Raja Ampat archipelago in Papua, a diver’s paradise with stunning marine biodiversity, or witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights near Tromsø, Norway.

Join us for an immersive exploration of diverse and captivating destinations, where each journey promises discovery, adventure, and a deep connection with nature. Our sea kayaking trips are designed for enthusiasts seeking not just a vacation but a transformative experience in the embrace of the world’s most beautiful waters.


Join us on transformative journeys, where your dreams come to life.

All our expeditions are meticulously led and organized by certified French sea kayak instructors, ensuring a seamless experience guided by seasoned professionals.

Sea kayaking, an accessible activity with a swift learning curve, opens doors to exceptional locations and diverse cultures. Navigate through Arctic fjords, tropical mangroves, and the secluded landscapes of Musandam, exploring ecosystems that vary from one destination to another.

Whether you choose to paddle in the azure waters of the Mediterranean, navigate through the vibrant colors of coral reefs in tropical paradises, or embrace the serene beauty of northern landscapes, a sea kayaking journey promises an adventure that transcends typical travel experiences.

In France or abroad, let the allure of sea kayaking beckon you into the heart of nature’s most captivating realms. It’s more than a journey; it’s an immersive retreat into the wonders of the world, guided by experts who share your passion for exploration.


Voyage Kayak can also provide technical assistance for your self-guided trips, offer folding kayak rentals and expedition gear. Additionally, we offer training courses to help you prepare and execute your expedition independently.Trust Pilot Voyage Kayak. Retrouvez les avis de nos clients.