Philippines – Palawan Island

Kayak de mer Palawan

Sea kayaking in “the last frontier” of the Philippines

We offer sea kayaking on the west coast of Palawan Island. An immersion in the region of the globe that Commander Cousteau dubbed “The Last Frontier” El Nido and Bacuit Bay with its karst islands, Port Barton and its paradisiac islands. 9 days of sea kayaking in small groups of 6 participants maximum. Welcome to Paradise!




Palawan is a long island in the Philippines, located north of Borneo, in the heart of the coral triangle. Rich in incredible biodiversity, both on land and underwater, Palawan is a true paradise for the marine kayaker. Bacuit Bay offers a tropical atmosphere, many islands to discover, heavenly beaches, lagoons, caves, fishing villages, incredible seabed …


During this trip, the magical landscapes follow one another from island to island, snorkeling sessions are linked in this huge aquarium where you sometimes meet Nemo in its anemone, sometimes a turtle in the middle of multicolored fish … Que dream islands … lagoons with incredible colors. hidden beaches that must be found, many spots with evocative names: Secret Beach, Big Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Hidden Beach, Small Lagoon, Cathedral Cave, Bat Cave … No doubt Bacuit Bay is really an exceptional site! During these 6 days around El Nido, we will meet only a succession of unbelievable spots … Then we will leave cape in the south in bangka (the local boat) to reach the bay of Port Barton and its small paradisiac islands. 3 days of sea kayaking in different landscapes again.


Trip program:

-Day 1: Group meeting at Roissy Charles de Gaulle. Departure by plane at the end of the day.
-Day 2: Arrival in Manila at 22h local time. Night at the hotel
-Day 3: In the early morning. Flight (1h30) to Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan. Then transfer in van to El Nido
-Day 4: Day of rest in El Nido. Preparation of the equipment
-Day 5 to Day 10: 6 days of sea kayaking in the archipelago of Bacuit, 5 nights in bivouac. return to El Nido evening J10 for one night at the hotel.
-Day 11: Morning hike to a surrounding summit for a panoramic view of Bacuit Bay. Transfer to Bangka in Port Barton Bay. Night at the hotel
-Days 12, 13 and 14: 3 days of sea kayaking in Port Barton Bay. 2 nights in small hotels, 1 night in bivouac
-Day 15: Rest in the small village of Port Barton. Night at the hotel
-Day 16: Back to Puerto Princesa
-Day 17: Return flight to Manila, then return flight to France
-Day 18: Arrival in France

For bivouacs, as we usually do in the tropics, we use hammocks with integrated mosquito nets. This allows us to sleep cool enjoying the night breezes while being out of contact with the ground. We stretch tarpaulins over the hammocks to be protected from the rain. But, if you prefer to sleep under tent, no problem, specify when booking


Kayak de mer Palawan









Price per person:

2900 euros all inclusive

+ 900 euros of plane ticket

or 3600 euros all inclusive

Next stay:

currently being programmed for 2018
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Our prices do not include airfare, but we help you find the most suitable flight for your departure point

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IMPORTANT: For this stay, we use Nautiraid folding kayaks, known for their strength, reliability and stability, as well as their large loading capacity. But we use single kayaks from Trak Kayaks
These kayaks can be transported by plane, and we take them from France with us. This limits the weight of your personal belongings to about fifteen kilos and obliges us to fly with companies offering a large baggage allowance like “Emirates” “Qatar Airlines” or “Etihad Airways”. But no problem, in Palawan it’s hot, so it’s easy to travel light … In case your departure point is different from the accompanying guide, we send you your kayak and equipment to your home .
A few days before your departure, you will receive via UPS your kayak in his bag.
So you can fly with and meet other participants and guide directly to Kuala Lumpur or Langkawi.
When you return, simply return the boat to us using the shipping slip we have given you.