Sultanate of Oman – Musandam’s fjords

A  Sea Kayak Adventure in Middle East

We offer a 10 day trip including 5 days of sea kayaking in the fjords of Musandam north of the Sultanate of Oman and 1 half day paddling in Dubai.

Join us on an adventure to the realm of Sinbad the Sailor, where the sea meets the desert and mountains. Explore Dubai, paddle around Palm Jumeirah Island, and experience the wonders of this vibrant city after a night in Dubai Marina. It’s an accessible journey brimming with contrasts, set amidst the enchanting Persian Gulf.


Upon arrival in Dubai, we journey to Khasab, the capital of Musandam, Oman. After a scenic 3-hour drive through the desert, we cross into the Sultanate of Oman. Following a city tour and a restful night at the hotel, we embark on our sea kayaks to explore the stunning Sham Fjord on the Persian Gulf. Over the next 5 days, you’ll witness breathtaking landscapes in this protected area, where turquoise waters are framed by the majestic mountains of the Strait of Hormuz.


Surely, the beauty of the region will mark your mind. Small hikes will also punctuate our  days and allow us to fully appreciate the beautiful surroundings of our trip.
Perhaps, you will have the chance to meet dolphins or whale sharks that frequent the rich waters of Musandam. No doubt you will see some eagle rays and many other fishes during our snorkelling session along the trip.

After 5 days spent in this remote area, we return to Khasab to spend a comfortable night at the hotel before returning to Dubai.

Then, we will visit this city of excess … During the afternoon we will paddle around the island of Palm Jumeirah (the palm tree island). From the water we will enjoy a different point of view on this incredible structure of sand. We  will have time to visit the emblematic places of this futuristic city (the Burj Khalifa tower, the old Dubai and its souks. ..)
A huge contrast after the 5 days of sea kayaking at the bottom of the desert fjords of the Strait of Hormuz .. The route and the conditions of navigation are very easy and accessible to beginners. It is therefore an ideal stay to start the activity but also to improve in the warm waters of the region.

There are no single kayaks available on the spot at the moment. To allow you to fully enjoy your kayak trip, we use our own fleet for this trip. The single kayaks are the new Trak 2., an expedition folding kayak from Trak Kayak and the two-seater from Nautiraid. The paddles are from Werner Paddles with carbon sleeves (ergo or straight). These kayaks are folding kayaks and they can travel as normal luggage, so we go on a plane with kayaks from France, which limits the weight of your personal belongings to a dozen kilos. But do not worry, in Oman it’s hot so it’s easy to travel light. In the event that your departure point is different from that of the accompanying guide, we will send you your kayak and the equipment to your home. A few days before your departure, you will receive via UPS your kayak in his bag. So you can fly with and meet other participants and guide directly to Dubai. When you return, simply return the boat to us using the shipping slip we have given you.


Program: 10 days trip including 6 days of sea kayaking:

Day 1: Departure from France,

Day 2: Arrival in Dubai, Transfer to Khasab, Visite of the city. Night in Hotel

Day 3: Departure of the kayak hike, taking in hand of the boats and departure in kayak of sea, night in bivouac.

Day 4: Kayaking in the Sham Fjord night in a bivouac under tent

Day 5: Kayaking in Sham Fjord, Telegraph Island, short hike. night in a bivouac under tent

Day 6: Kayaking in the Sham fjord, hiking on the ridges that will offer us an exceptional panorama on our course. night in a bivouac under tent

Day 7: Kayaking in Sham Fjord, Return to Khasab. Night at the hotel .

Day 8: Transfer to Dubai in the morning. Kayaking on Palm Jumeirah (the palm island) in the afternoon. Dubai Night Tour (Burj Khalifa Tower, Dubai Fountain). Overnight in 4 * hotel in Dubai Marina.

Day 9: Visit of Dubai, souks district, Dubai Creek crossing by boat, visit of Mall of Emirates with its indoor ski slope. Return flight to France at the end of the day

Day 10: Arrival in France

Price per person :

1500 euros all inclusive (excluding air flights)

Next trips:

from  December 13th to 22th , 2024


Flight prices for Dubai are around 400 euros

Of course we give you the flight references to book

This rate includes:

    • The supervision by a sea kayak instructor full certificated
    • Specific equipment: sea kayak, paddle, lifejacket, Div 240 compliant safety equipment, etc …
    • All Transfer by minibus from Dubai to Khasab (both way)
    • All meals during sea kayaking
    • D2 and D7 nights in Hotel (3 *) in Khasab (breakfast included)
    • The night of D8 in Dubai Marina in Hotel (4 *).
    • Transfer Airport Hotel.


The Sultanate of Oman, often challenging to pinpoint on a map for many, lies in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula. With a coastline stretching 1700 km, Oman boasts a rich maritime heritage. For centuries, their dhows traversed the Indian Ocean, facilitating trade from India to Zanzibar. These traditional vessels remain prominent, serving as both cargo carriers and, more recently, tourist attractions.

Musandam, situated at the northeastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, approximately 200 km north of Dubai, constitutes an Omani enclave within Emirati territory, just 45 km from the Iranian coast. Nestled amidst this region is the strategic Strait of Hormuz, a critical transit point for 30% of global oil production. Despite its strategic importance, Musandam is notably safe.


This peninsula, caressed by the waters of the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf, boasts extraordinary landscapes characterized by steep terrains, towering mountains, and fjords. Accessible only by sea, the few villages dotting the landscape add to its allure. The dramatic relief owes itself to tectonic activity: the Arabian plate subducts under the Eurasian plate, gradually submerging the Musandam Peninsula and creating a rugged coastline—a kayaker’s paradise. Turquoise fjords surrounded by peaks exceeding 1000 meters in height and mountains embodying “mineral” and “verticality” define this picturesque region. Despite its harsh climate, human settlements flourish, with several villages nestled at the base of cliffs or along bays, promising captivating encounters.


Khasab, hailed as “the city of Musandam,” serves as the region’s focal point, boasting essential infrastructure such as schools, airports, hospitals, and ports. As an excellent launchpad for sea kayak expeditions, Khasab offers easy accessibility. With a backdrop of palm groves and encircled by mountains, the city exudes charm, accentuated by the call to prayer echoing through the air. Welcome to the Orient; let the adventure commence!

While terrestrial flora and fauna are sparse due to extreme aridity, a vibrant underwater ecosystem thrives. Shallow waters teem with diverse marine life, offering a stark contrast to the desert landscape. From eagle rays leaping near kayaks to playful dolphins and bioluminescent plankton illuminating the water’s surface, each moment is filled with wonder. Snorkeling excursions unveil a world inhabited by parrotfish, barracudas, lemon sharks, and clownfish. Evenings are spent marveling at changing colors and panoramic vistas from mountain ridges, offering a dynamic and captivating experience amidst this mineral-rich terrain.


If you form your own group (from 2 people),
this trip is feasible on a private trip
totally à la carte (modifiable duration …) and other dates.

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