Norway – Tromsø – Northern Lights & Whales

A winter trip by sea kayak in the Norwegian Arctic

We offer you a stay in the Far North as the polar night comes to an end.

A trip combining sea kayaking, but also snowshoeing and dog sledding.

An exceptional stay that will allow you to observe the aurora borealis but also the whales, many in this region in winter.

Tromsø is also a micro-climate, the Gulf Stream passes close by and gives this coastal region a maritime sweetness that contrasts with the cold of the land. So even though the trip takes place in the middle of winter, the temperatures are less cold than in the Alps at the same time.


We stay in a lodge located on the island of Kvaløya, also called “Whales Island”, the area is famous for hosting in its waters a large number of cetaceans during the winter, There are many fjords, islands and islets in this area surrounded by mountains. It is therefore a perfect place to go sea kayaking and watch whales and orcas. At this time, the region is also one of the most suitable places to observe the aurora borealis after dark. Every day, the guide analyzes the situation to take you to the most suitable areas for meeting these marine mammals. During your trip, you will discover several fjords and paddle in different landscapes: Kadlfjørd, Ersfjørd and these peaks over 1000m, The archipelago of Sommarøy and its many islands with turquoise waters, Grøtfjord and the village of Trømvik. We can move easily thanks to our van equipped with a trailer


After kayaking, snowshoes allow us to move in this snowy environment and we go hunting the aurora borealis in the light of our headlamps.
Our dog sled ride will take us exploring the interior of Kvaloya Island. The dog sledding trip is coached by Tore Albrigtsen, one of the most experienced Norwegian musher. Tore has participated in many races including the famous Yukon Quest. He will teach you how to guide your sled between fjords and mountains.
350 km north of the Arctic Circle, Tromsø is THE great city of the North. For many years it was the starting point for polar explorations, but also for sealing and whaling. Tromsø is today the nerve center of the great north of Norway. Universities, hospitals, airport, we find everything in this town of 60,000 souls with a lively atmosphere.

And around? Well, a few kilometers away, it’s nature in its raw state. A few rare houses, scattered on the coast, will remind us of the human presence during the stay, but the feeling of immensity will not leave us.

The duration of the “day” varies greatly in a week – at the beginning of the stay 3h15 + 3h30 of dawn / dusk or 6:45 of “light” (not to mention the nautical and astronomical twilight that adds a little time of “light”)
– at the end of the stay: 4h30 + 3h30 dawn / crepuscule or 8h of “light”

more about the phenomenon of day length at these latitudes:


8 day trip type:

- Day 1: Departure from France, Arrival in Tromso, Transfer in town, Night in 3 * Hotel in Tromso.
 - Day 2: In the middle of the morning, transfer to the lodge on the island of Kvaløya. Installation in the Lodge. Preparation of kayak equipment and short sea kayak tour around the islands of the area. In the afternoon, we go snowshoeing to hunt the aurora borealis after dark.
 - Day 3: Kayaking in Kaldfjørden.
 - Day 4: Sea kayak hike. We go around Sommarøy. Snowshoeing at the end of the day
 - Day 5: Sea kayaking trip, we leave to explore the Ersfjordboten fjord surrounded by peaks over 1000m
 - Day 6: Sea kayaking excursion. We leave towards the fjords around the village of Tromvik.
 - Day 7: We go on a dog sledge hike on the island of Kvaloya, the opportunity for you to discover another side of this incredible region. Return to Tromso at the end of the day, Overnight at the hotel
 - Day 8: Depending on your return flight time, visit Tromso and the Polar Museum. , return flight to France in the day

Price per person:
1850 euros all inclusive

+ about 350 euros of plane ticket
2200 euros all inclusive

Next trip:
– from 19th to 26th  january 2025 –

This rate includes:
-The specific equipment: sea kayak, paddle, dry suit, waterproof bags … Snowshoes for hiking
– Supervision by a french sea kayak guide State diploma also ski instructor and snowshoe guide

– Accommodation in 3 * or 4 * Hotel in Tromsø with breakfast
– Accommodation in a Lodge and all meals from noon D2 to noon D7
– A dog sled ride and the appropriate technical equipment.

This price does not include:
– Plane ticket
– Hotel airport transfer (20 euros)
– The evening meal D1 and evening D7

Our prices do not include the airline ticket, but we help you to find the most suitable flight for your departure point, then you will find the guide directly in Tromsø.


If you form your own group (from 2 people),
this trip is feasible on a private trip
totally à la carte (modifiable duration …) and other dates

You wish more information about the stay,get the detailed road book of the trip or register
contact us: