Milos Island – Cyclades

Welcome aboard this extraordinary 8-day expedition, including 6 days of sea kayaking, around the enchanting island of Milos, nestled in the heart of the Aegean Sea.

This volcanic island in the Cyclades, renowned for its 71 beaches, invites us to embark on a grand nature adventure where kayaks become our preferred means to access the hidden splendors of this insular gem.

Our group, limited to 4 to 6 participants, embarks on an adventure led by a French state-certified sea kayak instructor, ensuring the safety and quality of our journey.


As we embark on our incredible six-day sea kayaking journey around Milos, covering 15 to 20 kilometers each day, we immerse ourselves in the natural enchantment of this volcanic island.

Our sea kayaking adventure provides a unique opportunity to discover the geological wonders that define the majestic coastlines of this island.

Don’t forget to bring your mask and snorkel, as the crystal-clear waters of Milos harbor unforgettable underwater treasures. The dazzling white cliffs of Sarakiniko, one of the island’s icons, create a unique lunar landscape. The kayaks allow us to glide smoothly along these spectacular rock formations, offering an unparalleled perspective on Milos’ natural beauty.

Navigating through a labyrinth of sea caves, our paddles guide us to hidden treasures and secret corners where light dances with water reflections. The hidden lagoons unveil an almost mystical tranquility, inviting contemplation and awe in the face of Milos’ pristine nature.

The volcanic rock formations, witnesses to the island’s tumultuous geological history, display every imaginable color. Warm and vibrant hues blend with softer tones, creating a natural tableau of exceptional chromatic richness. The sunset over these volcanic rocks provides an unforgettable visual experience, imbued with poetry and raw beauty. Situated in the heart of the Aegean Sea, Milos reveals itself as a fascinating geological curiosity. Its exceptional landscapes bear witness to millennia of volcanic activity, creating unique panoramas at every turn.

Every corner of the island unveils remarkable diversity, from the traditional village of Klima with its colorful waterfront houses to the crystal-clear waters of Firiplaka and Paliochori beaches, and the fascinating catacombs, a testament to a rich ancient history.

Thus, our sea kayaking itinerary becomes a complete immersion into the raw and preserved beauty of Milos, where each day holds unexpected discoveries and moments of wonder.

Detailed Itinerary:


Our adventure begins with the excitement of departure from France, followed by an arrival in Athens and an evening flight to Milos. Upon our arrival, settling into the hotel nestled in the picturesque village of Pollonia offers the first immersion into the warm and authentic atmosphere of Milos. Narrow streets and traditional white houses create a welcoming backdrop for the start of our journey.


The day starts with meticulous preparation of equipment and loading of kayaks. In the early afternoon, the departure in sea kayaks marks the beginning of our journey, with the charming island of Kimolos as our destination. The night spent camping on Kimolos, bathed in moonlight reflections, promises total immersion in the wild beauty of this island gem.


Skillfully navigating along the north coast, each paddle stroke brings us closer to the hidden wonders of Milos. The discovery of Sarakiniko Beach, with its immaculate white rocks and lunar landscape, adds a touch of magic to our route. Our exploration continues with a visit to the picturesque fishing village of Mandrakia, where colorful houses by the sea tell the maritime history of the island. The night in a secluded cove under a starry sky evokes ancient legends that have marked this land.



The day promises rich discoveries with a visit to the small fishing village of Klima, the crossing of the Gulf of Adamas, the passage of Cape Vani, and the exploration of fascinating caves. Shedding light on ancient mines and historical remnants enriches our understanding of Milos’ history. The night on Triades Beach offers a memorable experience under the starry sky, merging nature and cultural heritage.


The day is dedicated to exploring the countless caves along the west coast. After a picnic in the famous collapsed cave of Sikia, our exploration leads us to the renowned site of Kleftiko. The marine caves and unique rock formations create an unreal landscape. The night camping in the heart of a hidden cove, accompanied by the murmur of waves, creates a harmonious and intimate atmosphere.



Our exploration continues with the discovery of the labyrinth of Kleftiko’s caves, its hidden lagoons, and natural treasures. Continuing along the south coast reveals an incredible lunar landscape with vibrant colors. A stop at the peaceful Tsigrado Beach offers a moment of relaxation. The night camping in the heart of the ancient sulfur mine of Thiorichia adds a historical dimension to our journey, highlighting the natural splendor of Milos.


The return to Pollonia marks the conclusion of our aquatic journey, followed by a well-deserved night in the comfort of our hotel from the first day where we could leave our belongings during our journey. In the evening, an excursion to Plaka, the capital of Milos, and the archaeological site of the Roman theater, offers an enriching immersion into the culture and history of the island. These nighttime visits provide a unique perspective, illuminated by the soft lights of the city and the glow of stars above the sea.



The last day brings us back to reality with a morning return flight to France, leaving behind indelible memories of this magical expedition around Milos, a true geological gem in the heart of the Aegean Sea. Each of us carries a piece of Milos’ soul, an island that revealed its geological secrets and rich heritage in an exceptional way.

*This itinerary is provided as a guide. The guide reserves the right to modify it based on weather conditions, the group’s fitness level, or any unforeseen events. The safety and well-being of participants are our priorities, and any necessary adjustments will be made to ensure an optimal and secure experience. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility during this adventure.*




As with all our trips, we provide you with top-notch equipment to ensure you fully enjoy the adventure.

Currently, there are no kayaks available on-site. To allow you to fully enjoy your kayaking journey, we use our own fleet for this trip.

As part of our program, we offer our carefully selected fleet of kayaks to guarantee an exceptional experience. Single-seaters made of polyethylene (PE) include the Ysak models from Dag Kayak and Reval (LV and HV) from Zegul, providing diversity to accommodate various preferences and body types. For performance enthusiasts, we also offer high-quality carbon kayaks from Zegul and Trak 2.0 skin-on-frame kayaks from Trak Kayaks. Tandem kayaks are represented by the Biwok model from Dag Kayak, known for its comfort and stability.

Regarding paddles, we have chosen models from Werner Paddles with carbon shafts available in ergonomic or straight versions. For an alternative approach, we also provide carbon Greenland paddles, adding an authentic touch to your paddling experience. Our commitment to the quality and diversity of our fleet aims to meet the needs of each participant, ensuring a complete immersion in the joy of kayaking.

Next Trip:

May 19 to May 26, 2024

PRICE per person:

1200 euros all-inclusive from Milos

approximately 400 euros for the France/Milos flight

Included in the price:

  • Hotel + breakfast in Milos
  • Guidance by a certified French sea kayaking guide
  • Kayaking equipment for 6 days
  • All meals during the kayaking expedition
  • Camping gear (tent, stove, cookware)

Not included in the price:

  • Air transport France – Milos (we assist you in organizing it)
  • Dinner and lunch meals outside sea kayaking activities

For more information and to obtain the detailed road book,

contact us.

If you form your own group (starting from 2 people), this trip can be customized as a completely private and tailor-made journey (modifiable duration…) and on other dates.