Asia – Pacific

Our sea kayaking trips and expeditions in Asia and in the Pacific area

We are offering a change of scenery by sea kayaking in a many different destinations in Asia. 
From Malaysia to western Papua in Raja Ampat, Palawan in the Philippines, Komodo National Park in Indonesia
So why not come and explore with us Asia during a sea kayak trip!!
We offer group trips, as well as private trips if you make up your own group (2 people or more). 


Raja Ampat Archipelago

sea kayak in Raja Ampat


A 17 day trip including 11 days of sea kayaking in one of the richest marine biodiversity places in the world. In the heart of the coral triangle, the Raja Ampat archipelago is a true paradise for adventurous sea kayakers. An incredible itinerary that will make you discover the many riches of this archipelago of Western Papua.
A journey of exploration … in a very remote place.
(17 days / 16 nights) 

Difficulty:                             Accomodation: 1 x   + 11 x  + 1 x  ***

Tarif: 3500 Eur /pers
tout compris



Komodo Archipelago

Sea kayak in Komodo Indonesia

A sea kayak trip in the Komodo National Park, mixing camping and night spent aboard a local sailing boat. Discover the islands of Rinca, Komodo… and meet maybe the Komodo dragon.
Incredible landscapes in this volcanic region with perfect snorkeling in a kayaking paradise.

coming soon
(16 days /15 nights)
Difficulty:                        Accomodation: 5 x  + 5 x  ***

Price: 3500 Eur /pers
All Included



Palawan – El Nido & Port Barton

sea kayak el nido


The Philippines Last Frontier. Discovering northern Palawan with El Nido, Bacuit Bay, and Port Barton Bay. A sea kayak trip in a tropical paradise, Hidden Beach, Secret Lagoon…

(18 days, 17 nights)

Difficulté:                               Hébergement: 6 x   + 7 x  **

Price: 2900 Eur /pers
All Included



Langkawi Archipelago


Discover the island archipelago of the 104 islands in the Andaman Sea, 4 of which are inhabited. Bivouac on untamed beaches or in fishing villages. You will discover the beauty and magic of Kedah. 

(15days, 14nights)


Difficulty:                                       Accomodation: 5 x   + 2 x   + 4x***

Price: 2500 Eur /pers
All inclusive



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