Port Cros, Giens, Porquerolles

A sea kayaking Island Hoping in Cote d’Azur


Discover the treasures of the Var coast with a captivating itinerary including Porquerolles Island, Levant Island, Port Cros Island, Giens Peninsula, and Brégançon Fort.

These gems are part of the first and largest French National Marine Park, nestled in the heart of the Îles d’Or archipelago.

Join us for a week of sea kayaking escapade in a small group of 4 to 8 people, exploring one of the most beautiful stretches of the French coastline. Each evening, our accommodation takes on a unique dimension aboard our catamaran, our floating hotel that adds an entirely new dimension to the adventure. The sailboat provides an authentic itinerant experience in sea kayaking, joining us each night in a new location based on our progress.

If weather conditions prevent us from paddling in sea kayaks, our experienced skipper will introduce you to the basics of sailing navigation. You will have the opportunity to take the helm and participate in maneuvers if you wish.


The Venezia 42 catamaran, our floating base, provides all the necessary comforts for a delightful onboard experience in an exceptional setting: 4 double cabins, 2 single cabins, 2 bathrooms, and a spacious deck where you can not only store the kayaks but also relax, sunbathe, enjoy sunsets, gaze at the stars, or simply listen to the gentle lapping of the sea against the boat’s hull.

Each night, you’ll stay in the same cabin, but in a different location. At each stop, you’ll have the opportunity to swim before indulging in a delicious meal made from local and organic products.

In the Islands of Hyères, accommodations are scarce, making the sailboat the best possible choice. Mobile, the catamaran joins us each evening in a new location, allowing us to fully explore this exceptional site. Moreover, it proves useful for crossing from Porquerolles to Port Cros or providing rest for those who desire it during a stage.

Immerse yourself in a true sea kayaking adventure in the heart of these preserved islands, where all bivouacs are strictly prohibited.

Embark on a unique journey, combining maritime exploration and unparalleled comfort aboard our catamaran.


Watch the movie shot with us on the national TV show  “Thalassa”



7 Days Sea Kayaking Adventure Program

Day 1: Early Departure from the Port of Hyères

Meet early in the morning at the picturesque port of Hyères, where the Mediterranean atmosphere comes alive with the comings and goings of boats. After a briefing on the week’s activities with the guide and skipper, we embark on our journey with a transfer to the starting point. The first day takes us through the crystal-clear waters along the west coast of the Giens Peninsula, offering spectacular views of the surrounding hills and turquoise waters. Spend the night near the island of Grand Ribaud, a peaceful spot where the lapping of the waves lulls you to sleep.

Day 2: Crossing to Porquerolles Island

The adventure continues with a crossing to Porquerolles Island, a Mediterranean gem. Sea kayaking along the south coast reveals white sandy beaches and hidden coves. The serene evening is spent to the east of Cap des Mèdes, offering an exceptional panorama of the sea and the island of Port Cros.

Day 3: Exploration of Port Cros Island

Choose between sea kayaking and sailing as we head to the pristine island of Port Cros, a jewel in the National Marine Park. The night falls to the east of the island after a day of sea kayaking along the south coast, offering breathtaking marine landscapes.

Day 4: Kayaking around Port Cros Island

A day full of discoveries awaits as we kayak around Port Cros Island. The kayaks allow us to access exceptional snorkeling sites, providing an immersive experience in the underwater wonders. We also explore the island of Levant before returning to the boat for a tranquil night to the east of Port Cros.

Day 5: Exploration of Cap Bénat and Enchanting Coasts

According to your preferences, whether in sea kayaking or sailing, we sail towards Cap Bénat, skirting the coasts to discover hidden treasures such as Fort Brégançon, the presidential residence in summer, and the sublime Estagnol Beach. The night settles in an isolated bay, allowing communion with nature.

Day 6: Return along the North Coast of Porquerolles

On board the sailboat, we set off towards Cap des Mèdes, beginning our journey along the north coast of Porquerolles. The bay of Alycastre, Notre Dame Beach, and the picturesque village of Porquerolles unfold before our arrival at the sailboat in the bay of Langoustiers, a preserved cove with crystal-clear waters.

Day 7: Final Loop to the Giens Peninsula

The last day offers a final loop along the Giens Peninsula in sea kayaking, navigating the eastern part. Return to the port of Hyères with the sailboat. End of the journey around 4 PM in Hyères Harbor.


As part of our journey, we provide our carefully selected fleet of kayaks to ensure an exceptional experience. Single-seat polyethylene (PE) models include Ysak from Dag Kayak and Reval (LV and HV) from Zegul, offering diversity to cater to different preferences and body types. For performance enthusiasts, we also offer high-quality carbon kayaks from Zegul and skin-on-frame Trak 2.0 from Trak Kayaks. The Biwok model from Dag Kayak represents our tandem kayaks, renowned for their comfort and stability.

Regarding paddles, we have selected models from Werner Paddles, featuring carbon shaft available in ergonomic or straight versions. For an alternative approach, we also provide carbon Greenland paddles, adding authenticity to your kayaking experience. Our commitment to the quality and diversity of our fleet aims to meet the needs of each participant and ensure total immersion in the joy of kayaking.

Difficulty:     Accomodation: 6 x   

Price: 1650 Eur /pers
all included

Next trip:

from September 29th to October 5th, 2024 

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Included in the price:  

  • 7 days ( 6 nights) overnights on catamaran with skipper
  • Accomodation in double cabin
  • Guided by a full certificated sea kayak instructor
  • Sea kayak equipment for the 7 days (sea kayak, PFD, paddle, safety gear, Drytop…)
  • All meals during the trip (picnic for lunch during kayak activity, breakfast and dinner aboard the catamaran. The meals are cooked and prepared by the skipper and the guide, but if you want to help them… you are welcome)

Not included in the price

  • Air Flight to Toulon-Hyéres
  • Everything which is not “included in the price”

We can arrange you transfer from/to Marseille Airport, please contact us

If you form your own group (2 people or more), we can organize a “private trip” customized to your preferred dates and adjustable timings.

please don’t hesitate in contacting us for further information.