Serre Ponçon Lake

Explore the majestic Serre-Ponçon Lake during an incredible two-day sea kayaking adventure.

This lake, the largest in the Southern Alps, enjoys exceptional sunshine, providing the perfect setting for a memorable sea kayaking experience.

Fed by the Durance and Ubaye rivers, the lake is nestled between imposing mountains, creating a landscape reminiscent of the enchanting atmosphere of Norwegian fjords.

Our excursions are available both in summer and winter, allowing you to discover this jewel of the Hautes-Alpes in an atmosphere that is both summer-like and Nordic.

Over these two days, you will complete the full tour of the lake, exploring Saint-Michel Bay, the Ubaye Valley, and hidden coves along the shoreline. The adventure will culminate with a night of bivouacking in the Ubaye Valley, where we will provide you with a tent, a stove, and all the necessary camping equipment.




Day 1:

Meet at Savines-le-Lac for a briefing, kayak loading, and the start of the adventure. You will paddle along the south shore of the lake through meadows and forests, passing at the base of the Sauze cliffs before entering the Ubaye Valley. The camp will be set up in a picturesque cove for an immersive night in nature.

Day 2:

After a delicious breakfast, the journey continues towards Bois Vieux Beach, near the dam. Navigate the lake from cove to cove, explore Chanteloube Bay and its viaduct partially submerged by the sparkling waters of Serre-Ponçon. A picnic break in an idyllic bay will precede the return to Savines, concluding this unforgettable experience by the end of the day.



200 euros/person All-inclusive

This rate includes:

  • Technical equipment: kayak, paddle, life jacket, wetsuit, two-person tent, stove, kitchen essentials
  • Supervision by a certified State instructor
  • All meals from lunch on Day 1 to lunch on Day 2 included

Next trips:

Currently in the planning phase for 2024

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In winter, Lake Serre-Ponçon becomes our headquarters for Arctic expedition preparations.

We offer specialized training programs set amidst the heart of the Alps during the winter season, focusing on navigation and safety in demanding polar environments.

This exceptional location provides an ideal platform for acquiring the skills necessary for navigating in rigorous polar conditions. Our training includes practical safety exercises, allowing participants to familiarize themselves with cold-water navigation techniques and essential safety protocols.

Join us for a unique experience where the majestic expanses of Lake Serre-Ponçon transform into an ideal training ground for preparing for Arctic challenges.

Our programs ensure comprehensive preparation and a deep understanding of the specific requirements of navigation in polar environments.

Feel free to contact us to organize a training session for preparing your polar adventure.

Customized Private Expeditions: Create Your Own Adventure!

If you’re forming your own group (starting from 2 people), this journey is customizable as a fully tailored private trip. You have the flexibility to adjust the duration, choose alternative dates, and personalize various aspects according to your preferences.

For more details and to receive the road book for these expeditions, feel free to reach out to us. We are here to assist you in creating a unique and personalized experience that aligns perfectly with your expectations. Contact us for further information and to begin crafting your bespoke adventure.


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